Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Pumkin Festival in N.H. 2012

The excitement was seen on the faces of many as trucks were backed in to the park to unload the large pumpkins.  They did come in every size,shape and form, many having to be lifted out by 4-5 men. There were some carried by little ones as well.  Everyone was hoping that theirs would be the heaviest one at the festival. The rain didn't stop the pumpkins from getting weighed in to see who had grown the heaviest one and would be the lucky one to win the top prize of a $100.00 dollar bill. There is usually lots of other fun games to do like the sack race, hanging donut eating contest as well as a pie eating  contest, bobbing for apples and hay rides for all ages, while some great instrumental music playing in the background.
Hannah's was the second place winner last year winning $50.00. She knew that her sister had beat her out in weight this year but she thought they should change the rules next year. She thought maybe a few  different categories like the biggest, smallest and the most odd shaped that way more people would get a chance to become a winner. Her pumpkin weighed #248-4th place. Lily her sisters weighed in at #395-3rd place. The second place one was a woman who won last year and her pumpkin was #20's less this year than the winning pumpkin.
This is the winner of the 2012 Pumpkin Festival.
Haley won it and received a crispy $100.00 and a hand shake to the second place winner.
I am very proud of my 3 beautiful granddaughters. Good Luck next year maybe you girls will win both spots in the top and get to enjoy the festivities as well.
Thank you for inviting us to watch you compete.

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