Friday, November 2, 2012

Not the least bit crafty...

I have always wondered how some people can have so many talents and some people have no talent at all. I am one of the no talent at all kind of girls. I have always looked at different crafts whether it is cooking, knitting, sewing,( I could keep on going) to do but that is usually as far as it got, was to LOOK. I am pretty good at thinking "Wow, I think I can do that with no trouble". I get the tools to start a project that looks like it should take me an hour tops and it ends up with me either not finishing the project or it not turning out the way it looked on the photo that someone else' did.

I am trying to reupholster a chair that my husband is bound needs to be done, because he is not want to give it up. We have purchased a new recliner but that did not fit his needs, so I am in the process of trying to redo his old recliner. Well, I have to be honest it has been a month and a half when I started it and it is still not finished. I am sure that you can see I have done the two easiest parts of the recliner so far, the back and the foot stool. 

I have to say I wish I was as talented as the person how had the ability to make these animals that I saw as I was driving through a town in New Hampshire. I couldn't resist turning around and taking some pictures. I only wish that I had more of the background on the person who made these animals and how long it took the person to make each one, what inspired them to make them. There are so many unanswered questions about them but they sure were worth turning around to go back and snap a picture and get a close up as to what they were made from. They ended up being made from all sorts of parts, I am not sure if it is from a motorcycle or car and truck parts. They did an amazing job and they sure have me beat in the talented department. These are a few of the animals that someone was talented enough to make. (These are not something that I or anyone that I know made).

Do you have a talent that you would like to share with me?

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