Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween that almost wasn't!!!

I began to wonder if Halloween was going to happen. Our local weatherman was calling for Hurricane Sandy to put a damper on the the children going door to door to trick or treat.  The hurricane was supposed to take out power due to high winds and cause some flooding. We did get high winds and hard rain but it luckily had lost some of its power before getting to us. Two towns over lost their power for 3 days and a town about an hour away that was hit hardest by Irene got hit again. It truly is amazing what Mother Nature has the power to do to us. My heart goes out to those have not even recovered from the last one and then get hit again like New York City, that got hit along with many other areas.

I really love the holidays and Halloween is one of my favorite ones. I get so much enjoyment out of seeing what all the little ones decided to be each year. I always made my children's costumes each year. I will have to admit, I would get excited when they come up with what they wanted to be but then the challenge was on for me to try to figure out how to make it for them.  The next challenge was to make sure they were able to get in and out of the car over and over without it falling apart. We live in the country so it isn't like we could walk from house to house. I remember each year I would think never again, I will buy next year. However when the next year came I was up for the challenge once again. My daughter is also very eager every year to put herself up to the task of making all her girls costumes. They come out amazing every year. Hannah's outfit this year was a gumball machine which actually dispensed two gumballs at a time. It was the hit with her classmates. Then we had a cupcake, bat, lion, Tye dyed mummy and a Momma cat.

My granddaughters school shuts down the street in their town at noon, the children walk in a parade through a nursing home, down the street and back to the school. I think it is such a great idea for all the local businesses to get to see all the children. It is open to anyone that wants to put their child in it even if they are to young for school.

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