Sunday, November 11, 2012


I am most THANKFUL

1- is my family.
I am so THANKFUL for my parents. They are the ones who have made me the person I am today. I also have an amazing husband who stood by my side through many rough days when I have been ill. He has taken care of me. I am thankful he chose me to be his wife, soul mate and the mother to his three children. We have the three most amazing, beautiful children, they mean the world to me. I am so THANKFUL my children making me a grandmother. I have three granddaughters and two grandsons.  

2- our health.
My health has not been perfect in  the last few years, but I have to be THANKFUL for how far I have come compared to a few years ago. I have neuropathy-nerve damage. I have to say it has been a struggle for the last several years but when you have a condition it really puts into perspective what you have or  did have in life and what you want out of life. I believe that every person takes life for granted at one time or another, sometimes it takes something bad to make you realize what you had. I try to live every day to the fullest and if I overdo it I know I will pay, sometimes it is worth pushing myself to make that day full. I do realize that my health could be alot worse than it is though.

3- our home.
Our home was my husbands home that he was born in which makes it special, but even more than that it was built with hands of love and hard work by his parents. He was a very lucky child who never moved from home to home or town to town and better than that not even to a different state. I can not speak for all but I have a feeling there are not a lot of people who can say that. I moved in, raised my family here and am so THANKFUL that it has been our home every since. We have done many upgrades and changes to make it our own but that will never take away the love that made our house our HOME.

4- freedom of choice
I am so THANKFUL to live in this country where we  have the freedom for so many things, to vote for our presidents, the right to bears arms, the right to freedom of speech and the list goes on. I hope these rights never get taken away from us.

5- medicine
I am so THANKFUL that there is medicine that makes it possible for me to be able to get out of bed daily and enjoy my life, at one time I never thought I would ever be able to do again. 

6- skype
I am so THANKFUL that there is such a thing as skype. It makes it possible to live 5-10 minutes or even an hour away an hour away from my children & grandchildren and still be able to see their face, not just hear their voices on a phone. Amazing Technology...

7-mocha frappe
I love the frappe mocha's that McDonald's serve. There are days when we drive by that I am so THANKFUL that they still serve them even in the winter.

8- wood fires
I am Thankful for wood stoves, there is nothing that compares to wood heat on cold days.

9- my sister in-law
I am very THANKFUL for my sister in-law Lynn. I know if I ever need someone she is always there.

10- Internet
I am THANKFUL for the internet.

I am so THANKFUL for the veterans that have served our country. Thank you to all that have fought for, continue to fight for and that have given your life to make this country free.

12-warm days in November
I am THANKFUL for these nice warm days that we get in the middle of November. We had a very rainy and cold October so the couple days that we have to enjoy before a long winter is wonderful.

13- my mother 
I am THANKFUL for my mother, she is a strong woman whom has made me the mother that I am today. Thank you Mom.

14- no snow
I am so THANKFUL for no snow, I know I live in New England where you get snow, so it is not something that you really should be thankful not to have but my body does not like it.

15- my home
I am very THANKFUL for my home that was built by by in-laws and  I have raised my 3 children .

16- my senses
I am very THANKFUL to have all my senses. I love the smell of candles burning and food cooking and most of all a newborn babie. I could not imagine not being able to see this beautiful country we live in and most of all my loved ones. I love to hears the voice of my husband,children,grandchildren and mom say they love me. There isn;t any sweeter words to my ears. I also could not imagine not being able to hold there hands and touch their cheeks. I love the taste of a recess peanut butter cups.

17- hair dye
I am THANKFUL for hair dye. I wish I could just let my hair go and let it turn whatever color it wishes to be but somehow as soon as those grays start to try to take over I find myself head to my great hairdresser's. Thankfully when I walk out I feel like a new person and luckily it is that I feel better.

18- grandchildren's love
I am so THANKFUL for their love that they still show me everytime I am near them. They make my life so complete. I love the sayings they come out with. Never stop loving... 

19- my husbands job
I am so THANKFUL for my husbands job. He has worked at his job for 31 years, alot has changed in that time.SOme of it was good and some of it not so good. He has had to go to work when he would have rather been home with me when I was very ill, his work has been very understanding with him having to take days off when he just had no choice but to stay home. For this I can not help but be THANKFUL.

20-my life
I am so THANKFUL for my life.

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