Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Big 50

I have seen other blogs where they take their age and try to come up with

Wow 50 things about myself Yikes!!

1- a daughter
2- a wife
3- a mother
4- a grandmother
5- a Gemini
6- love mocha frappes
7- addicted to the computer
8- love summer
9- dislike drama
10- love to take pictures
11- I am one of 4 girls in my family
12- I am the youngest daughter
13- mom to 2 amazing daughters
14- mom to a handsome son
15- love pinterest
16- dislike cold weather
17- naps
18- likes a debate
19- a blogger
20- like to do flower gardens
21- let's Christmas stress me out
22- tries to dress in style
23- long drives with my husband
24- enjoys making dinner for my husband after he returns from work
25- always learning something new
26- listening to the birds sing
27- reality shows
28- dislikes politics
29- dislikes fake people
30- a mama to 5
31- believe in standing up for whats right
32- be kind to others
33- always love to sing (watch out everyone that doesn't have hearing protection)
34- dislikes paying bills
35- looks forward to foliage
36- dosn't like to be center of attention
37- shy
38- loves fries and gravy
39- brown hair (well some )
40- likes a quiet home
41- skyping with my family
42- loves the sun
43-loves the ocean
44- 5'2"
45- love country music
46- soft hearted
47- cry easily
48- proud of my parents
49- always strived to be the best mother
50- proud to be an American

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