Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunset in New England

I often wonder if people just take for granted just how beautiful this country we live in really is! I remember as a child going for a long ride on a Sunday afternoons, having one of my parents say to us "Look at that tree or look out in that field, house, animal or even a sunset",  whatever it was at the time that they thought we were missing out on didn't really interest us. We would always respond with a "yeah, we see it and go right back to doing what we had been doing, no matter what it was reading,arguing,playing I spy, but I can tell you it wasn't looking at all the things that they were trying to tell us were so beautiful and they didn't want us to miss out on seeing it.

I could not help but smile every time I tried to do the same thing to my own children. We  were always taking them for great long rides on a Sunday, reliving the same thing I went through as a child . (I remember liking it so well that I never wanted them to miss out) I have to say they did the same as I did as a child, they just pacified me with a "yeah" and went back to doing the same thing they had been doing the whole ride, not looking around. I can not tell you how many times their dad told them," they could read anytime they were home, they may not be able to see the same sights again", however you guessed it they did not care.

I  ride around now and look at the sights and can not get enough of what is around me and how beautiful everything is. As the old saying goes "You live and learn".

Is there anything any more beautiful than an amazing sunset on a mid November afternoon?

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