Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to Town !!

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I am always so excited to see all the pictures that parents post with their children and Santa. I often wonder if the parent realizes how much they are stressing their child out for the pleasure of the parent.
I am no different than any other parent, I always made sure every year that my 3 kids went somewhere to see Santa. We always took them for a car ride to see the Christmas lights at houses throughout the town. I think about it now and wonder just how much my children really enjoyed it.
If you have any pictures of your children with Santa, enjoying it or even freaking out that you would like to share feel free to share, I would love to see and share them .

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  1. Thanks for visiting me at The Parsonage Family, Tammie! The Opryland Hotel is decked out for Christmas from about Nov. 1 onward, I think, so there's a wide window in which to see it!


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