Friday, January 4, 2013

Beautiful Lights at The Justin Morill Estate

This is a Beautiful place for anyone who loves Christmas lights. It is open year round but when you enter this estate after dark, with fresh snow and it is all lit up, it is enough to take your breath away!
We had a nice night out with my youngest grandson, daughter and sister in law. This place  would have been even more eventful if we could have gotten out of the car and walked thru some of the sites but it was way to cold with a baby. We drove thru and ended the evening with dinner out a pizza house. I just love Christmas lights but these lights were done very well with every tree branch lit with lights. The bridge that you drive thru was just made out of lights. These pictures are nice but they really do not capture the beauty that you see as you drive thru-out the estate.   
If you are ever in Vermont at Christmas this is one place that is worth checking out, you will not be disappointed! 
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