Friday, January 25, 2013

What happen to our Thaw?

I was so excited last week when the weather got quite warm for this time of the year. January in Vermont is not really when you expect it to get warm enough to have a thaw. I have lived in the same state all my life and I can truthfully say," I never look forward to snow or cold weather anymore". In January when it gets up to 30 degrees everyone you talk to says "Oh, my it is beautiful out"! I hate to burst their bubble but I call "nice" 70 or even 80 degrees not 30 degrees.

I know everyone always says "you are living in the wrong state to feel that way". I don't mind having enough snow to cover up the drab scenery that our fall has left behind. If I could predict the snowstorms that we get it would be just an inch of fluffy snow, just enough to cover the ground and the trees. I am happy with enough snow to wear my low cut muck boots from fall through winter and even the early part of spring. I will then gladly put them away for my sandals. 
It is pretty to look out in the morning and see this much snow atop of your lamp post as long as you don't have to go out and shovel before heading off to work. The problem is most people don't have that luxury. I have always heard tell that right after a January thaw you can expect to get a cold snap, this held true for this week. Our temperature's have been "HORRIBLE this week. The temperature has not been above 10 degrees at my home since Monday and it hates to get that high. We hit -14.9 degrees on the 23 and for that I believe I have a right to complain.
I believe that we are hopefully on our way out of this cold snap, but as the weatherman so graciously reported we have a snowstorm to look forward to within the next few days. I really hate to let anyone hear me say this BUT "the snowstorm is beginning to sound pretty inviting compared to the weather that we have just endured.

What was the coldest temperature that you have had this week? Well even the warmest if you feel like you want to share that as well. 
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