Friday, March 22, 2013

Love to Link Up

I love when others set up a Link Up page on their blogs, it makes it so much easier for each of us to find exciting stuff on the web without spending hours having to research it ourselves. I did my first link up over at today. Thank you Kelly for setting it up.

These are just a very few things that I have on my pinterest boards that I would like to try to make. I am certainly what you would call "addicted to Pinterest". I could sit, well I do sit for hours at a time and look through others boards. My husband will sometimes ask me, "when and if I will ever have time to attempt to do all that I have pinned". The answer is" NO", I will never have time to do it all or even attempt it all, but I pin things for my daughters whom both have children and 1 has her own child care business and the other is a preschool teacher. I feel like I am helping them out by pinning what they may use or think is cute.  That makes me feel like I am not wasting my time doing it for nothing, but the truth is I probably would do it no matter what. There may be a day that I do need or want to make something and I will know right where to go to find it. HA.I believe that was the whole concept behind it.  I am excited to check out some of the links that blogger's have put on Kelly's blog.

 Some people thought I was addicted before so Kelly just helped make my addiction easier. HA...

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