Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reach for the Stars

This is one of the greatest places to go to see some Beautiful lights, the have all the building lit up and all the trees from the base to the tip of every branch, you can drive through or get out and walk through to see all the lights and visit the live manager. My two year old grandson just loved every part of it, BUT his favorite part was the "FUN HOUSE" as he called it! He decided that he needed to get out of the car and run through it while holding hands with his parents and asked them "Could you PLEASE lift me so I reach the star", it brought tears to my eyes while watching him enjoy the beauty of this Beautiful place. I know in my mind he didn't know what it all stood for but in his little mind these lights made his night and his world a much brighter place. I didn't know if the night could get any better than to see the true amazement on his face hut as we were driving out he turned to his Mom and said "Thank you very much Mommy for bringing me", to me their is nothing any more precious that a two year old who greatly appreciated every minute of the night. He is just PURE LOVE. (Thank you Connor for making this a memory that will never be forgotten).


  1. Hi Tammie! I am the Tammy that happened to win the giveaway On Kelle Hampton's "Enjoying the Small Things" blog, and saw your comment regarding the win! Besides also being named Tammy, I see that you and I have both been married awhile- My husband and I had our 30th anniversary in August. We had more kids than you, so naturally have a few more grandkids... my eldest grandson is also a Connor! Here I am, randomly commenting on your blog because you commented on my comment on someone else's blog... does that make me a weird stalker person? My blog(s) are PB4UGO ( and Cooking With the Cow Crew ( Not terribly interesting most days. My youngest two kids, twin boys, are about to set out on the Appalachian Trail... in just a few weeks. Sigh. Empty nest... contact me or ignore me... Just thought I'd say hello! ~Tammy~

  2. This is such a sweet post. May he always be reaching for stars.


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