Friday, October 19, 2012

Another wet and wild weekend

I have another wonderful, fun  packed weekend planned to go watch my granddaughters play some great fall soccer games. Hannah has a game on Sat. morning and Haley has a day long tournament on Sunday.                                       
She is ready for the big game day.
I have to say she may play a rough game but she still sports her pink leggings and makes it a girls game with her attire.
Haley can not get enough soccer in a day, she plays on her team, plays at recess at her school and goes to soccer camp in the summer. She is so excited to be playing in the tournament this weekend but is hoping for all her team members to be healthy. There have been some out sick this week and one coming back from a foot injury. I am hoping the rain holds off and they both enjoy their games.
 WIN or Loose!! 
 Good Luck and Good Weather.

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