Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So much for Soccer and So long to Sandy...

I have been slacking on  blogging lately, I have been doing a lot of running to soccer games. I enjoy it so much but it sure makes for a lot of running around. My two granddaughters are on different teams. They have had 2 tournaments in the last 2 weekends. I have talked alot about it so I will post a couple more pictures. It was a great season.

Congratulations to Hannah for winning the Halloween Cup!!
Hannah, You had a great year of soccer and did a great job!!!

Haley had a very good soccer season this year. Her team seemed to suffer with many injuries and sicknesses but she gave it 110% every game. She came off the field with welts, bruises and soccer ball imprint's, she would never for a sub or be taken out of the game for a rest if she could help it. Congratulations for a great season Haley. She really made it fun for us to watch..
We went from soccer to Sandy in a very short couple of days. They were calling for a very scary storm with high winds, flooding, luckily we got rain and high winds but not to the extent they were calling for. I have a hard time with some people who seem to say rude comments about how the media made such a "Hype" about the storm. My opinion is that I would rather take all the precautions and be prepared than to have a bad storm and have some serious injuries or for that matter have fatalities.  Its amazing how the storm is so bad in a neighboring town and can miss the next town over . It shows that you can never be to safe.
We had started getting the rain in the afternoon as they predicted, then the late afternoon winds started picking up. I looked out the window in the kitchen where I was preparing food in case the power went out and there was the neighbors tin that had been covering his wood pile, flying across the road and into our driveway. It is amazing how strong mother nature really can be. Luckily my husband was no longer outside in the drive where he had just been about 5 minutes before the wind blew in and carried the tin until it found the place where it wanted it to be.The tin could have easily blown across and struck him in the face. We were very fortunate, unlike many people that are still without power. Some maybe without it for a few more days and wosre than that the ones who lost their life to what some call a "Media Hype".
I was always told to try to think before you speak and there have been many times where I think this could benefit many people to do this. I hope to find everyone doing well and Have A Happy Halloween!!!  

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