Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is it Crazy Bird Day

I  am trying to figure out what is happening around here this week. The birds have been crashing into my windows all day every day. I sat here one day and counted 5 different times a bird hit in to my windows. I know what you may be thinking " Wow, her windows must be clean" if they think they can fly in through the glass! Wrong they are not spotless by any means. They do however have bird feathers on the top pane and the bottom. It looked to me like maybe the wing may be broke.

Wooo, Yes its eyes are open
I looked out the window and there was this little bird with it wing in an out stretched pose. My first thought was that its wing is broke or worse yet it was going to die. I  took this picture from inside my window, then I decided to go out to see if it was going to be able to fly away. When I went out to see how bad it was hurt I didn't dare to get to close to it for fear of it flying at me. I got up as close as I dared and whistled at it, it didn't move so I took a little pebble, rolled it toward it trying to make move but all  it did was  jump a tiny bit.My guess was that is was only stunned. I left it and came back inside. I sat back in the chair for about 5 minutes then went to check on it again only to find it perched on the same sill again.  HA. I really think it wanted to come in where it was warm. I am not sure what the neighbor is feeding these birds but they are acting a little crazy.

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