Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frustrating Doctors

I am sure that I am not the only one that has issues with Doctor's or hospitals for that matter. I happen to live very close to what is supposed to be one of the best hospitals around this area but am wondering if I shouldn't travel to another to see if you get better care. I realize that there is good and bad in every hospital but when it is your loved one that has to be the one that is not getting the proper treatment then it is up to the family to make the right decision.
Connor has been very sick since he was born, he's had every cold, respiratory infection, ear infection and everything else he may have come in contact with.
Connor has also had a very hard time gaining any weight. He has a very good PCP. She has been right there for everything he has needed, admitting him to the hospital when needed after being at the hospital ER the very day before to get sent back home only to have to go right back. His PCP called, had him admitted from her office, sending us home until his room was prepared for him to go directly to it instead of the ER. She set him up to have his adenoids out and tubes put in his ears. She wanted them to take his tonsils at the same time. The surgeon balked at taking out his tonsils saying "they don't like to do that anymore". Andrea (my daughter-also a LNA in the Er for 8 years) fought for it.  Ann was told after stating she wanted a second opinion that she would have to go else where for a second opinion. That second place would be an hour away and that he would also have to do a sleep study at that hospital before she would do the tonsils.  I talked to Ann, I told her maybe the surgeon knew best. That is her job and she has seen and done many surgeries so maybe we should trust her and not put Connor through anymore than he was about to go through. 
He had his surgery. The surgery was putting tubes in his ears and taking out his adenoid. No Tonsils!  The PCP was under the assumption that she had it straightened out and the tonsils were coming out on the same day. Didn't happen.
Connor does not do so well coming out of anesthesia which was one more reason his mother fought for what she knew was right. Connor's surgeon came out to talk to us while Ann was trying to keep him settled as he was just starting to come to. The Dr. spoke to me telling me that they took his adenoids out and his tubes went in fine. His adenoids were very inflamed she said, but also said his TONSILS were stony and very large. The way she was talking led me to believe that she may have taken them out. I asked her if that was the case?  Her reply "NO BUT, I am afraid that we are going to have to keep a very close eye on them and possibly at his 6 week check up we may have to set up an appointment to do that"!!! We are so angry to even think about putting this poor little baby back through what SHOULD have happened the first time around. Well it has been 3 weeks and needless to say he has TONSILLITIS already. He is back on medicine which messes with his stomach, which stops him from eating so you guessed it he is losing weight again. It is never ending. I feel so bad for him and his parents. How do you fight a hospital known around the world when you know your baby the most?
Like the saying goes "Mother knows best"

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