Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vermont in October

We have been following our two granddaughters soccer games this season and it has been raining or freezing cold  almost every game. Brrrrr... Hannah our middle granddaughter was co-captain today and as you can she she was a little bit shy about getting up to close to the refs. HA.. They are so cute. She told us after the game her teammate was so shy that she had to decide if they wanted heads or tails, she chose tails and TAILS it was. She said she got to chose the ball.
She is only in 3rd grade but was chosen to go on the 4th grade team which consists of mostly boys. There are a couple 4th grade girls but Hannah and another little 3rd grade boy were the two asked to move up. Her mom was a little nervous about the decision but it has worked out great for her.
While we complained about being cold, she was very HOT and Thirsty...

Hannah told me that she really doesn't even want to stop for a break at half time to get a drink because it "doesn't seem like they get to play long enough". HA. She is so sweet, even while she is on the field playing she will make sure to look over to see if we are all watching..They won their game and continue to be undefeated.  Hannah made a goal and was super excited because she had alot of family following her at her game.
 Lily is my youngest granddaughter should know the rules to every sport before she is even old enough to play, she has been a spectator at her sisters games since she was born. Annabelle( Haley's best friend) is also like Lily's 3rd sister looks on while snuggling up with Lily to watch the game, it didn't hurt to snuggle to keep each other warm.

 Hannah does love soccer but it doesn't stop her from wishing the game to be over so she can get her snuggles from her baby cousin Connor,  she can not get enough of him!!

What better way to end a game than to be carried off the field by Uncle Mike? (She was also being threatened to get dunked in the frog pond) but as her face shows she was not all that worried.

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