Thursday, November 1, 2012

What is this world coming to?

I have a serious issue with the laws in the state, country. I really wonder what a person has to do to make your family safe in this world. My daughter and son-in law and grandson were sleeping at 12:30 last night  when her husband heard a noise. He laid there for a minute trying to figure out what he was hearing. He got out of bed, headed down to their basement as someome was trying to get in the door. He grabbed his pepper spray on the way, turning on all the lights as he went. He didn't see anyone so proceeded to go back up stairs once again he heard someone trying to enter their home. This time it was at the slider in their kitchen.  He gave his mace to his wife, who had their baby in her arms and grabbed his gun this time.(luckily he is in the army ) He realized that this person was determined to break in to their home. There they stood face to face with an intruder trying to enter their home. All while having gun pointed at him through the slider he still continued to try to pry open the door. They grabbed a camera from the shelf by the door and snapped a picture. Mike (my son-in-law) told him he was calling 911. This guy clearly not in his right mind, was standing there staring down a gun, didn't seem to have it together enough to realize he had just had his picture taken. The state police came, (mind you it took 45 minutes for them to get there) searched for this guy who had got his senses back enough leave before getting caught. They searched, talked to neighbors for awhile and had no luck finding the intruder. Ann (my daughter)  had been on the phone with me while the troopers continued to search the area, we finally hung up the phone at 3:00 am . My phone rang again at 4:30 am, Ann was on the other end frantically saying, " he was here again".  They had called 911 again, this time the cops had got there in 5 minutes compared to 45. Ann said, "Oh Mom they have got him,  he is our neighbor".  Ann and Mike had bought their new home about a year and a half ago and it seemed like such a quiet, peaceful little cul de sac with only 5 homes in the circle. They had seen this gentlemen intruder in his driveway mowing his lawn or entering his drive but had never met him face to face. They figured this person maybe just a shy person, even a loner maybe but never an intruder. They had noticed in all the time they had lived there that he had hardly ever had any company and didn't really even acknowledge that they lived next door. The state police came back to let them know that they had the suspect and they had called for an evaluation for him. The EMS came to check him out.  He refused to go get any treatment so they had to release him from their custody. He was never taken in for questioning or any charges because he," DIDN'T ENTER" their home. He only "attempted to break in", they were told to put a No Trespassing order on him so that if or when he ever did this again he would then automatically go to jail. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD TODAY"??  The very next day my daughter contacted a security system company to come install a system in their home to help them feel a "little" bit more safe from the person that could look into their dooryard and your windows daily. This person, come to find out, had been headed in a downward spiral in the few months previous to this all coming to a end. Ann was told that he had been in an accident in the past week and had stitches in his head. That made her feel like maybe he had something wrong that they may not have caught at the hospital, ( giving him the benefit if the doubt). Ann had worked in the emergency dept. for a big hospital for 10 years so she has seen what that could do to a person.  The next day this person did not come out of his home, then Ann , Mike and Roy (my husband) decided that a health check on this person should be done. They felt if they had to live with this neighbor they should try to figure out why he would do what he had done. They walked next door to see if he was okay,  and to give him a chance to give his version as to why he would do such a thing. He never answered the door, when they came back another neighbor came over to see if he had responded to the knock. The next day the cops were called again for a health check.  The intruder had decided to take his life. We will never know why or the reason he was trying to break in to my daughters home. There is always going to be so many questions left unanswered but the biggest question is WHY do we, as a victim have less rights than those of the perpetrator?

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