Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Ol' Friday

Dear Friday,
I always look forward to your return, knowing that I get to spend two days with my husband.

Dear Andrea,
I want to Thank you for calling me daily to break up my boredom.

Dear Connor,
Thank you so much for dragging me around on the phone with you and even setting me on the TV stand so I can LISTEN to Thomas the train even if I am not able to see him with you. P.S. Also for kissing the phone when you are done talking with me.

Dear Cold Weather,
It is time for you to go somewhere else now where somebody will enjoy you way more than I do.

Dear Hardwood Floors,
Thanks for shining so well after you are clean, my back doesn't feel as well as you look.

Dear Blog,
Thank you for allowing me to say things to you and know that I will not hear anything in return. 
                                                   Good Night, Tammie


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